Weber Grill Light is My Favorite Accessory

Do You Grill After Dark?

Why should something so simple as a Weber grill light be my favorite accessory? In Texas, we can grill year round. We’ll have the occasional severe cold snap but for most of the winter it’s just chilly but not really too cold to grill.

However, it does get dark pretty early.

By the time I would get home from work the sun was going down. If I hurried, I could get the food on the grill using natural light but by the time I finished it was almost always dark and I couldn’t see what I was doing.

The first time I grilled in the dark I didn’t do too well.


✖ Flashlight Didn’t Work



It seemed like a flashlight would be just what I needed. However, when I tried to check the food, I couldn’t find a great way to hold my flashlight, the tongs and a plate of meat and veggies I was trying to put on the grill. What I really needed now was 3 hands.

I tried holding the light between my arm and my body. That just didn’t work. While using one hand to hold the plate and the other to use the tongs, I kept dropping the light. Placing the flashlight beside the grill didn’t work either because the sides are higher than the work surfaces.


✖ I Tried a Desk Lamp!

Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

That’s when I got creative.

The next time I grilled I tried setting a desk lamp next to the grill and that didn’t work either. The plastic parts of the lamp were not made to handle the heat a grill throws off and started warping. It didn’t shine over the edge of the grill either. Not much better than the flashlight.

I didn’t want to ruin the lamp so I had to look for something else.


✖ Next I tried a Shop Lamp

Shop Light

Shop Light

I tried a shop light from the garage but it had no place to clip on to close enough to the grill surface. I tried hanging it from the handle but the cord started burning and the handle got really hot.

In any case, I found that having a an external light with an extension cord was quite a hassle. What I needed was a purpose built grill light that used batteries and was specifically made to work with my Genesis Gold grill.

I needed a Weber grill light.


My Solution – Weber 7516 Grill Light

Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light replacement
Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light replacement

After doing a little checking, I discovered the Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light. What a fantastic little gadget this thing is! It installed very easily and fit the handle of my grill perfectly.

This light works like a charm, even turning itself on and off as I open and shut the grill lid. It uses 3 “AAA” batteries to power 3 LED’s and provides plenty of light shining directly onto the grill grates, exactly where I need it.

I’m on my second one now and the only problem I have ever had was corrosion caused by the batteries. I took care of that with a rotary tool using a sanding bit.

The heat of the grill eventually begins to take a toll on the case but each light has lasted a long time, many years in fact. Whether you use this particular light or another model you like better, get a light. You will be very happy you did!

✔ Easy Install

✔ Weber Grill Light

I know it may seem silly getting so excited over something as simple as a grill light but believe me, should you ever have to grill in the of dark, you will want a grill light. I recommend this particular light model very highly!

But remember, there is a Weber grill light made for every kind of Weber grill so if this light doesn’t fit your grill, look at the other models and I’m sure you will discover something that will give you the results you want too.

Non-Weber Grill LightNon-Weber Grill Light
Obviously, not everyone has or even wants a Weber grill and does not need a Weber grill light. There is a large selection of grill lights made for just about every brand of grill out there. Find one for your grill here and you will be making a wise investment!

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