Solaire 12-Foot Flexible Hose for Natural Gas Grills, 1/2-Inch Diameter

Product Features

  • Flexible hose for natural gas grills
  • High-capacity natural gas supply hose needed for 30-inches and larger grills; works well also on smaller grills
  • 160, 000 BTU/hour maximum capacity
  • 12-feet long flexible hose
  • Measures 1/2-inche, 5-pound-per-square inch max stripwound hose with quick-disconnect supply fitting, 3/8-inches flare fitting for grill end; 6 pounds
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Product Description

This 1/2-inch inside diameter hose has the BTU capacity needed for 30-inch and larger grills fro use with natural gas. The 3/8-inch diameter hoses readily available at home improvement store top out at 60,000 BTU/hour. Using the smaller hose could leave your grill ‘gas starved’ – resulting in poor performance. This hose is 12 feet long, is stripwound with fully interlocking metal core and crimped-on end fittings. It is temperature resistant to 240-degrees F, has 400 pound longitudinal pull strength, and stays flexible in cold temperatures. It will not kink or crush. It includes 1/2-inch quick disconnect fitting on one end, and 3/8-inch flare on the other.

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