Safer Wood BBQ Wooden Grill Scraper – replaces dangerous wire bristle brushes – cleans on top AND IN BETWEEN barbecue grates. Use to oil & clean barbeque. Made from sustainable & antimicrobial bamboo!

Product Features

  • SAFER - No wire bristles -- don't let wire bristles break off and get lodged in your food, or worse, your body!
  • LASTS LONGER - Made from high-quality, weather-resistant bamboo. Thick, strong, will outlast traditional wire scrapers
  • MORE EFFECTIVE - Specifically designed for cleaning top of grates, and IN BETWEEN grates. Gets the hard-to-clean places that other brushes can't!
  • MORE CONVENIENT - Use to oil the grill, scrape the grill, and clean the grill. Includes handy lanyard for convenient hanging on grill when finished.
  • COMPLIMENTARY PRODUCT - Compliments our other FEROS items very well. Please check out our Magnetic Grill Tool Holder, BBQ Tool Covers and Sleeves, etc.
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Product Description

A safer alternative to wire bristle brushes. Cleans the top of grill grates and IN BETWEEN grill grates. Use pointed edges to get in between grates to scrape and clean hard to reach places. Wire bristles are dangerous and can cause long-term bodily damage. Use this safer version instead! 3-in-1 tool: Scrapes top of grill Cleans in between grates Oils grill effectively Grab yours today!!! Check out our other FEROS products — Magnetic Tool Holder to hang and store grill items easily and efficiently. BBQ Tool Covers to store your tools outside in a weather-resistant and waterproof sleeve!

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