RoyalGourmet Barbecue Grill Light – Ultra Bright Handle Mount LED Illuminates Your Entire Outdoor Barbecue, Durable, Weather Resistant and Touch Sensor Switch, TL0401

Product Features

  • Ultra-Bright LEDs - Completely illuminate the entire grilling area without shadows, allow enjoying fun of barbecue at night
  • Touch Sensor Switch - Convenient and simple design makes it easy to control light switch on or off
  • Innovative Swivel Head - 180 degrees horizontally and vertically for easy adjustment of the light direction to the grill
  • Flexible Screw Clamp - Easy to install and operate, fits any charcoal, gas or electric grills handles
  • Heat, Weather Resistant - Durable material to withstand high temperature and keep working on all kinds of weather
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Product Description

Brand Name: Royal Gourmet

Model: TL0401

– Ultra bright LEDs
– Touch sensor switch
– Innovative swivel head
– Heat, weather resistant
– Long-lasting use
– Multipurpose

Design Concept:
Use Royal Gourmet Ultra Bright LED BBQ Grill Light to illuminate your family get-together at night. Extra bright LEDs make all kinds of foods on grills clearly seen so you won’t worry they are uncooked or burnt. Durable material prevents it from high temperature or any bad weather. Not only used on any charcoal, gas, electronic grills, but this grill light can be for camping, reading, bicycling, in garage, or any dark place around your home.

Warranty: Manufacturer warranty for 1 year from date of purchase.

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