GrillGrates 13.75″ Three Panel Grate Replacement Set- #1 Ranked Cooking Grates in the USA. Superior Anodized Aluminum Body Means No Flare-Ups, No Rust

Product Features

  • THREE 13.75" x 5.25" GRILLGRATE PANELS create a 13.75" x 10.5" grill surface. Measure your grill to make sure the 13.75 panels are best for your grill size!
  • EVEN HEAT WITH NO FLARE-UPS: GrillGrates even out the hot and cool spots common with all gas grills. Tames flare ups and gives you even, stable temperatures across the cooking surface. Food is never burnt, cooked evenly, and plate ready faster than any grill surface on the market. #1 ranked by over 50 independent accessory reviewers.
  • STEAK COOK-OFF CHAMPION FAVORITE: Originally designed for master pit masters and competitive barbecue grillers, now available for public use. Renowned for producing perfect sear marks with minimal effort. Found on the winning grills of National Barbecue Associations Champions past 5 years and running.
  • GRATETOOL INCLUDED FREE: GrillGrates with GrateTool are the ultimate upgrade to any old grill surface set. Grate replacement sets never rust and are 100% fireproof. Turn your old grill into a top-of-the-line cooking surface with cut to fit Grill Grates. HINT: Completely replace your old grates instead of cooking on top for a 5-STAR kitchen cooking standard.
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: An unforgettable gift for any barbecue griller in your life! GrillGrates represent the ultimate in simple, lightweight, enhanced cooking experiences. Grilling with grillgrates will change the way you look at grilling. No burning, no char, no rust! Give your family and friends a grilling experience they will never forget.
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Product Description

Three Panel Interlocking GrillGrates 13.75 Set!

These GrillGrates Grate replacement sets are the #1 ranked grill surface in America.

GrillGrates are interlocking grilling surface panels that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or just cover them. GrillGrates amplify the heat of your grill, reduce burning, and deliver restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are made of hard anodized aluminum. Hard anodized aluminum is fire proof, rust proof and functions as an incredible heat conductor for all grill toppers. Heat is transferred evenly through the metal and flavor is amplified by the evaporated juices that hit the super heated valleys between the rails.

All GrillGrate sets come with the GrateTool. An all-purpose flipping, cleaning spatula built specifically to work with GrillGrates unique raised rail system. No additional cost required!


1. Hard anodized aluminum grates never rust.

2. Interlocking panels; no assembly required. Simply remove old grates and replace.

3. Raised rail design eliminates unwanted flare ups and providing even heat for improved cooking and perfect sear marks.

4. Lightweight panels (Only 2 pounds per panel) make for easy transportation / Camping trips / Tailgating / Cooking on the go.

5. Drip-ology: Juices fall between the raised rails and instantly sizzle into smoke, rising back into your food for enhanced flavor.

6. FREE GrateTool grilling spatula included with all GrillGrate sets makes flipping food easy.

PRO TIP: Add restaurant quality cross-hatched sear marks simply lifting your food, turning it 45 degrees, and setting it back on the GrillGrates.

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