Grill Kindle Barbecue Grill Light with Super Bright LED Lights – Durable, Weather Resistant, Versatile LED BBQ Lights for Outdoor Grilling

Product Features

  • ★ 10 bright LED lights rotate 190 degrees for perfect task lighting on the grill area
  • ★ Constructed from durable, heat-resistant ABS plastic, can withstand intense heat under most grilling conditions.
  • ★ Touch Sensitive Power Button Means Less Fumbling for a Switch
  • ★ Adjustable Screw Clamp Fits Most Grill Handles up to 1.45
  • ★ Sturdy universal clamps attach to virtually any BBQ hood (except Kettle Grills)
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Product Description


Rather than dangerously balancing a flashlight while cooking, would you like a dedicated grill light, with an adjustable angle, that won’t crack, warp or bend under intense grill heat?

If so, the Grill Kindle is the perfect product for you!

Whereas others on the market simply illuminate the grill, the Grill Kindle has been manufactured with 10 super high powered LED lights, offering a wide, high powered beam to completely illuminate your grill and the surrounding area.

Unlike others which are activated by a hard to find switch, the Quartermasters Grill Light contains an easily accessed, touch sensitive switch, allowing you to effortlessly activate the light in the darkest conditions.

The Grill Kindle is constructed from a heat resistant ABS plastic, allowing the Light to withstand intense grill heat without warping, weakening or bending, unlike cheaper quality lights on the market.

The Grill Kindle has a precision angled head, allowing you to secure the light to virtually any grill hood and position the beam throughout a 190 degree horizontal and vertical range.

The Grill Light has a number of market leading features, including:

• 10 LED LIGHTS; high powered LED lights for super strong, wide illumination.

• 12 HOURS ILLUMINATION; 3 AA batteries provides up to 12 hours of bright illumination.

• TOUCH OPERATED; no fumbling for small switches in the dark.

• HEAT RESISTANT ABS CONSTRUCTION; won’t warp or weaken under intense grill heat.

• ADJSUTABLE HEAD; angle through 190 degrees horizontally or vertically for the perfect position.

If you’re looking for the market leading grill light that offers durability, ease of use and a super strong illumination, click “Add to Cart” now!

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