BBQ grill grate cleaner Grill brush Scrapers Grid Scrub PACK of 2

Product Features

  • 100% GUARANTEE - Our premium BBQ cleaner brush is simply the best. We back it by a lifetime guarantee with proof of purchase.
  • UNIVERSAL SCRUB PAD - Our bristle free bbq brush is perfect for the grill or indoors for your enamel coated or iron skillets.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUNK OFF CLEANER- We inspect every single charbroil grill brush before we ship to insure you only receive the best bbq cleaner brush possible.
  • REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE - All parts of our bbq cleaner brush are safe for the dishwasher.
  • OUR BBQ CLEANER BRUSH IS SAFE - Unlike steel or wire brushes you do not need to worry about bristles coming off and ending up in your food.
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Product Description

The biggest decision you need to make as a BBQ novice or professional is what side of the line you stand on. The wire brush side or the Nylon pad side. Sure the wire brush maybe cheaper and cleans your grill faster but at what cost? The number one problem with wire or steel brushes is the bristles WILL fall off and can end up in your food leading into huge problems if it is ingested by humans or pets. The safer side is Nylon pad scrubbers. It is made from Non-Woven Nylon/Polyester Fibers with a over sized handle it ensures you have a firm strong grip on the BBQ cleaner brush so you never risk injuring your hand or knuckles on the grill. The thick grill pad will get all the gunk off your grill so your food can cook perfectly and evenly every time. Every order comes with 2 char broil grill brush so keep one as a backup or leave it in the kitchen for your iron skillets.

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