Accuon Wireless Digital Thermometer Set – Remote BBQ / Smoker / Grill / Oven / Meat / Thermometer – Monitor Your Food From up to 300 Feet Away

Product Features

  • Long Range LCD Remote meat thermometer and probe to monitor the internal temperature of your meat.
  • Set includes a remote receiver, a thermometer with probe and cord of over 3 feet long.
  • Pre-programmed temperature settings to monitor a variety of meats and fish. Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius from 32-572 F (0-300 C).
  • Alarm sounds when thermometer has reached preset cooking temperature or when timer is up.
  • Remote monitors from a distance of 120 feet, alerts when signal is lost. Runs on 4 AAA batteries (included!).
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Product Description

Accuon Remote Digital Thermometer will make you cooking and grilling a whole lot easier. Finally get your meats ready to your desired “doneness”. Set includes a remote receiver and thermometer transmitter with a stainless steel probe with a cord of over 3 feet long. Simply clip the transmitter near the oven or grill and insert probe in to the meat. You can preset the timer to your desired time and temperature or use one of a variety of preprogrammed settings for various meats and fish. An alarm will alert you when your meat has reached its set temperature or when timer is up. The remote receiver has a RF range of 120 feet! Alerts when signal is lost. Features Fahrenheit and Celsius modes! Measures from 32-572 F (0-300 C). Set operates on 4 AAA batteries which is included in the set!

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